Why Being a Librarian Gives me Plenty of Reasons to Smile

By Diana T. In October 2005, I re-entered the work force after 15 years of being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. I started as a shelver at Northfield Public Library in Northfield, MN, then very quickly morphed over to Outreach Coordinator there, driving the bookmobile to low income neighborhoods, county towns without a library, and day cares.

Football, School Libraries, and Ferguson, MO: What’s the Connection?

By Kate M.  Last year, I wrote about the opening of school and the inherent craziness of textbooks and class schedules, but this year I decided to write about high school football. Now, you may ask what prompted such an odd choice for a library blog? In truth, there are two or more reasons, but perhaps the one closest to
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love of books

For the Love of Books

By Sara T. I was five when I got my first library card. It was green and beige and I got to “sign” the back – clear evidence of my terrible kindergarten handwriting. My mom and I would take weekly trips there, a bag load of books hanging from her shoulder and an eager kid with a gap-toothed smile pulling
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School Librarian Feeds Sharks

By Margot H.  My 5th-grader loves her school librarian, Miss S., who is quirky in the best possible ways. We often see her around town, walking while reading a book. Her newly hatched chicks are always a big draw at Back-to-School-Night. And Miss S. has a special knack for helping each student find the perfect book. Last week, my daughter
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High School Dropout to Lawyer: A Library Success Story

By Carol S. This is my father’s story: He was a high school dropout. Although he loved to read, he didn’t like school, so he would frequently ditch class and hide out at the Detroit Public Library, devouring books until the truant officer found him and dragged him back to school. Eventually he dropped out of school altogether in order
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Winds of Change

By Cindy M.  I was a non traditional student returning to school for a master’s degree. I was confronted at every turn with the integration of technology into the education system. (High school math for me meant slide rules not calculators). One of my neighbors happened to be the head of the library at the university I was attending. I
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